Croc Lights | Croc Headlights for shoes | Croc Lights for Adult, Kids

These croc lights are perfect for any night outdoor activities and are ultra-bright to help you locate your surroundings at night within a range of 10-15 meters.

The croc headlights for shoes are very bright, which can increase your visibility at night; they are great for hiking, running, cycling, or walking at night.


Perfect Headlights for Croc Shoes & Jibbitz Crocs

The headlights are suitable for any type of crocs including Jibbitz croc and are easily attached or tied to any shoe.

Our Croc shoe lights are made with metal paint shell that is difficult to scratch and damage.

The flashlights for crocs are climate adaptable, anti-rust, lightweight, and portable. It can sustain everyday usage, whether sunny, wet, hot, or cold. 

These high-brightness transparent led lights for croc shoes function as a switch, with settings including Constant light, Fast frequency flashing, and Slow frequency flashing.

The croc flashlight attachment doesn't fall easily. Its continuous illumination option can continually illuminate the road for 10 meters, which is brighter than a cell phone flashlight.

In an emergency, its rapid flashing mode may send a distress signal. In contrast, the slow flashing option can be used as a warning light to guarantee safe walking. Its illumination period is more than 72 hours, which is very energy-efficient.

croc lights blue

Croc Flashlight For  Outdoor

These headlights for your croc shoes increase your visibility at night. Suitable for outdoor activities, including; Running, Cycling

Croc Headlights for walking Dogs & Pet

The croc lights come with multiple flash modes, continuously illuminating the road. Perfect for Walking Dogs or Night Walks.


Flashlight For Crocs

Croc Lights Charm for  Adults, kids, Boy, and Girl

  • 🌙【Headlights - Light Up Your Night】You may go hiking or camping wearing these Croc shoe lights. 
  • 🌡️【Any Weather Scratch Resistance】 metal-painted exterior that's tough to scratch or dent.  They are resistant to corrosion.
  • 🌞【Brighter Than Smartphone】These high-intensity Led lights for croc shoes are brighter than mobile phones.  It can illuminate the road ahead for 10-15 meters.
  • ✨【Flashing Distress Signal】It has a quick flashing button that can be used in a dire situation &  slow flashing light may serve as a warning signal to keep pedestrians safe. 
  • ⛈️【Water Proof】 Its IPX5 waterproof. Made with an aluminum alloy shell keeps the croc lights safe and ensures they work in wet environments. 
  • 👟【Easily Attached on Clogs】The Croclights can easily attach to your clogs and don't fall off.
  • 💡【Safety in The Dark】The increased brightness of these croc lights may increase your safety in the dark.
  • 🔋【Pre-Installed Batteries】These croc headlights have installed batteries. 
  • 🐕【For Walking Dogs or Pet】They are also used for walking dogs at night.
  • 🎁【Special Gift】They's hilarious Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas present for your pals.

Croc Flashlight Attachment.

Easily attach headlights to your shoes. The croclights may be used on any crocs.

My CrocLights

Light up your night with these amazing Shoe Decoration Charms for Kids, Men Women.

⛈️【Water Proof】

💡【Safety in The Dark】

🔋【Pre-Installed Batteries】

🐕【For Walking Dogs or Pet】

🌞【Brighter Than Smartphone】

footlight for crocs

Clip on Croc lights While Camping

My croc footlight is helpful for various nighttime activities, including camping. Kind of hilarious having lights on crocs, though. But it’s pretty cool.

My Croc Lights for men and women, kids

Adjustable Light Mode

These Croc Lights are professionally designed for Croc Clog shoes to help increase your visibility at night out.

👍Will last longer

👍Adjustable for all shoes

👍Have three light modes

👍Made of good quality material

3 light modes for croc shoes

Accessorize Your Shoes With Croclights

These croclights are unique accessories you can add to your footwear. 

We have multiple colors: black, silver, red, gold, and blue. You can accessorize your Crocs or any shoe with blinkers in various colors without sacrificing style.

These croc lights may be used regardless of whether the weather is hot, snowy, cold, or sunny. 

multiple croc headlights shoes

Water Resistance

These Croc Lights work in wet environments. The waterproof resistance design alloy shell keeps the croc lights safe and ensures they work well in wet environments.

croc headlights water proof

How To Install Croc Headlights

  1. Turn the head of the lights anti-clockwise to open the head
  2. Remove the pad insulation between the two batteries
  3. Ensure the batteries are kept in line with +ve and -ve directions
  4. Tighten up properly to avoid loose contact

Worldwide Delivery

Croc headlights are readily available in multiple colors and ship worldwide. 

United States, Netherlands, New Zealand,  United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium,  Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Isle of Man, South Africa, Hungary, France, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Estonia, India, Spain, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Malta, Iceland, Greece, Ukraine, Italy, Bulgaria, Guernsey, Latvia, Singapore,  Guam, Indonesia,

Pakistan, Romania, Brazil, Bahamas, Cyprus, Barbados, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Israel, South Korea, Qatar, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Costa Rica, Unknown Region, Morocco, Lithuania, Zimbabwe, Belize, Kuwait, Fiji, Jersey, Serbia, Poland, Taiwan, Egypt, Japan, Czechia, Tanzania, Jamaica, Bulgaria, Barbados, Taiwan, Belize, Jordan, Chile, Antigua & Barbuda, Mexico, Spain, Poland, portugal, Italy, Russia, Iceland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Estonia, Ukraine, Guernsey, Egypt , Croatia, Costa Rica, Israel, Jamaica, Qatar, Slovakia, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Lebanon, Slovenia, Argentina , Kuwait, Bahamas, Guam, Lithuania, Jersey, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Kenya, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Gibraltar

Rechargeable Headlights for Shoes - Good Batteries - Low Price Croc lights

Are you looking for rechargeable Croc lights that are reusable?

Our rechargeable Croc headlights by HOMILEY can illuminate upto a distance of 20 meters and last upto 10 -15 hours before recharging them.

These rechargeable Croc lights have built-in lithium batteries, brighter mobile phone flash, weigh 25 grams, and are built with environmentally friendly materials.

Our recharge headlights come with a TYPE-C charging interface and power indicator. They are very suitable for crocodile shoes (croc shoes), and it doesn’t come off while walking, jogging, or cycling at night.

Happy Customers Reviews

Check out the reviews of our happy customers who purchased our Croc lights. Over 50,000 sets are sold on Amazon and sitewide. If you're looking for the best Croc headlights to buy, custom Croc charm, you're in the right place. 

Jons A. (Review)

I'm so in love with these small lights for croc shoes! It is simple to switch on by simply pressing the natural light. These are rather vivid. If you like Crocs, these lights are a fantastic addition. They are safe. Excellent bargain. They were on sale at the time. They also included three sets of batteries. That alone was well worth the price!

Serena L. (Review)

I bought them as a prank for my Croc-obsessed husband, but then we suddenly received a new dog from a friend. They've been fantastic! He can walk her and have a firm grasp on her leash while yet seeing everything owing to these little lights! Lovely and vibrant!

Stacey C.

I bought the croclights as fun for my sister, but I've grown to appreciate them. They are easy to attach to your crocs, increase your visibility in the dark, and save you from stumbling over obstacles.

Mary A.

These shoe headlights for crocs are terrific novelty items. I adore wearing my crocks, and these small lights compliment me. They are simple to install, robust, and compatible with all functionalities. They also include several spare batteries.

Anthony J.
Jennifer O.
Stacey C.
Stacey C.
Kennedy A.

Croc Lights for shoes by Homiley- 2-pack Funny croc headlights for shoe light for kids & Adult - Crocs Flashlight - Led Light up charm


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