11 Best Action Camera Flashlights

Are you having trouble getting images with your action camera at night or after the sun goes down due to poor light? If so, purchasing an action camera flashlight is a fantastic choice. Poor light-image quality prevents you from getting the most out of your action camera.
Therefore, if you equip your action camera with a flashlight, you’ll get better overall footage. Because of this, we have made a list of the 11 best action camera flashlights on the market so that you can make an informed purchase.

11 Best Action Camera Flashlights:


1. ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light:

The ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light with 3 Cold Shoe is the ideal camera flashlight for taking beautiful images and videos. Its 2000mAh lithium battery provides 120 minutes of maximum output and 300 minutes of minimum output, so you’ll always have the best light for perfect shots.
It includes five adjustable Color Temperature settings, including 5500K, to deliver the right amount of natural light without post-grading. Furthermore, the vital 49LED beads have a color rendering index (CRI) of 95+, ensuring you always have the ideal light for product photography or video filming.
Finally, it has three cold shoe adapters. You can use a microphone or other accessories to get the most out of your best camera flashlight, making it a fantastic choice for vlogging or any photography project.
With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that the ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light w 3 Cold Shoe is regarded as one of the best action camera flashlights available!


  • It is small in size and light in weight.
  • 5 hours at minimum brightness
  • 49 LED beads with a CRI of 95+
  • 3 interfaces for connection


  • Not appropriate for using underwater


2. VILTROX VL-162T – CRI95+ LED Video Light, Portable on Camera:

The VILTROX VL-162T CRI95 + LED Video Light is an excellent flashlight. It has numerous characteristics make it suitable for use with camcorders and DSLR cameras, such as customizable color temperature and brightness.
The light’s on/off switch incorporates a memory function within its power button, saving the user time and effort in finding the correct toggle. To avoid any stress about running out of charge, a battery indicator shows you exactly how much life is left in the device’s battery.
The best thing about this light is that it comes with a Diffuser, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It also works with various tripods and platforms, making it very adaptable.
The VILTROX VL-162T CRI95 + LED Video Light is the ideal option for an excellent all-around video light.

• Extended battery life.
• Long-lasting and portable.
• Compatible with DSLR cameras.
• Four quick-install filters.

• The battery charger is not included.

3. Suptig Action Camera Flashlight:

This light is intended for use with GoPro cameras. It has a slew of capabilities to help you take great videos. With a waterproof rating of 147 feet, it’s ideal for every aquatic activity, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and pool swimming.
The robust LED light has a maximum brightness of 500 lumens, allowing you to see underwater. A wide-angle lens will allow you to catch more of your surroundings in your movies.
This waterproof light features three illumination modes: Normal, Power Saving Mode, and Flash, allowing you to choose the best light for your requirements. The 1050mAh rechargeable battery runs up to 1.5 hours on high, making it ideal for extended dives or swims.
If you need more light, its SOS mode has a run duration of up to 6 hours. You may also be secure in your purchase since the Suptig Action Camera Flashlight comes with a 24-Month Warranty and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


• Waterproof to a depth of 147 feet
• 500 lumens of illumination
• Lens with a wide field of view
• Three different light modes
• Rechargeable battery

• Some users may find it excessively bright.


4. GoPro Light Mod:

The GoPro Light Mod is an excellent way to brighten your GoPro video. The four brightness settings provide fine clarity, and the built-in rechargeable battery allows you to use it for up to six hours.


The small size makes it ideal for use by itself or in combination with other GoPro mounts and accessories. The Light Mod is also durable and waterproof, making it suitable for use in various environments. The GoPro Light Mod is a flexible and robust camera flashlight that allows you to take crisp and vivid images and videos even in low-light situations.

The GoPro Light Mod, with four brightness levels, can provide up to 200 lumens of magnetic swivel clip light for lighting dark areas or adding light to footage. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to six hours, making it ideal for extensive shoots or longer usage in the field.

The GoPro Light Mod is also durable and waterproof up to 33 feet, making it suitable for any situation. The GoPro Light Mod can help you capture clean and clear pictures even in low light circumstances, whether you’re taking photos or videos.





• Four brightness levels

• Battery life of up to six hours on a single charge

• Durable and waterproof

• Small size


• Compatibility with a variety of GoPro mounts and accessories




• To connect to the camera, you’ll need a media mod.




5. Vlogging Light PICTRON VL28 LED Light for iPhone Mini LED Camera Light:


The Pictron VL28 is a compact action camera light. This LED lighting array with a diffusing cover transforms the light quality into diffused soft lighting that is ideal for vlogging and other applications. This portable, rechargeable light boasts a daylight-like color temperature of 5600K.

There are four brightness settings that you may customize to suit your needs, as well as an SOS mode. The light comprises 28 high-brightness lamp beads with a maximum power output of 120 lumens at 0.5m. The lights are positioned at a 120-degree angle.

The light can be recharged entirely and has a maximum run-life of three hours, and the charge will last 45 minutes at full brightness.


When the lights are turned on, you may charge them using the included type-c cable and adaptor.

This light has a camera-mountable cold-shoe attachment. This light works with a wide variety of small mirrorless camera systems, such as the Sony a6400, 6500, and 6600, in addition to the DJI Osmo Action and Pocket 2 Action cameras. This light is also compatible with the Sony ZV-1.



• 45 minutes at full brightness.


• Dimmable light with four brightness settings.

• Three hours of working time.

• Compatible with a variety of camera systems.




• It’s not waterproof.



6. SmallRing LED Video Light:


This compact camera flashlight is ideal for commercial and product photography. It also has a high-quality COB, which makes it suitable for camping, cycling, swimming, and vlogging activities. It also has adjustable brightness settings, so you may change the light as needed.

Aside from that, it contains an 800mAh lithium battery that can be ultimately charged in one hour. This camera flashlight can operate for up to 5 hours before completely draining its battery. It is also a waterproof flashlight resistant to heat and dust, making this camera flashlight very robust. With its universal screw hole, it may be attached to a variety of devices.




• Appropriate for professional shoots

• Ideal for tabletop photography

• It charges rapidly.

• The battery life is adequate.


• Elegant carrying case



• Because of its tiny size, light is directed.



7. Simorr LED Video Light, Portable Camera Lights:


This portable LED video light works with various cameras, including Sony mirrorless camera systems. It has 96 LED beads for optimum light output. Furthermore, it has 120 degrees of lighting, casting light in all directions.

You may adjust the light color temperature from 2700 to 6500 K. You can make it chilly or warm. Aside from that, it also can change the brightness from 0 to 100%.



• Distributes light evenly in all directions


• Color temperature regulation

• Its light may be dimmed.

• Simple to use




• The battery life is limited.



8. LitraTorch 2.0 Premium On-Camera Photo and Video Waterproof LED Light:


The LitraTorch 2.0 Premium Waterproof LED Light is a small, lightweight LED light ideal for photography and videography. You may illuminate your subject with an adjustable angle and brightness or use it as a fill light.

The LitraTorch 2.0 is the best lighting accessory for photography and filmmaking since it has 800 lumens, 90+ CRI, 5700K Daylight Color Temperature, an ultra-wide beam angle, flicker-free illumination, and various mounting options.

It may be used either constantly or occasionally, like a strobe light. The LitraTorch features an internal battery that can run for more than 4 hours, which is plenty of time for shooting. In addition to being ready to use out of the box, the LitraTorch also has a carrying bag and a tripod attachment.




• Durable construction

• Strong light with three brightness settings

• Integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery


• Flexible mounting options

• Colored filter set



• USB charging port (Micro-USB)


• A non-replaceable built-in battery

• There is no carrying case included.



9. Neewer Waterproof Up to 131ft/40m Underwater 20 LED:

Consider purchasing the Neewer Waterproof 20 LED 700LM Flashlight. This flashlight is waterproof to 131 feet/40 meters and is intended for underwater usage. It also includes three color filters (white, orange, and purple) to accommodate your harsh lighting needs.
The 20 wide-angle, 700 lumens max. 5500K LEDs give enough light, and the three illumination modes (high/low light and SOS) can come in helpful in any circumstance.
Thanks to the USB charging port, the best part is that you can easily keep the flashlight charged and ready to go whenever you need it. So don’t put off buying a Neewer Waterproof 20 LED 700LM Flashlight any longer!
For further information, visit this link:https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Waterproof-Underwater-Dimmable-Compatible/dp/B09M6RYXPB
• Extended battery life.
• Three lighting modes.
• 700 lumens maximum at a wide angle.
• Waterproof to 131 feet/40 meters.
• None


10. Lume Cube Bicolor Panel Mini LED Light for Professional DSLR Cameras:

Lume Cube understands the importance of camera flashlights while taking professional images and films. As a result, this Bicolor Panel Mini LED Light is an ideal camera lighting accessory for any DSLR camera configuration.
This camera flashlight packs a punch with a brightness range of 1% to 100%, a color temperature variation of 3200K to 5600K, and more settings than any other.
The lengthy battery life will also let you shoot for hours without worrying about plugging in. Overall, this camera flashlight makes it simple for photographers of all abilities to capture the ideal shot or video.
• Credit Card Sized Light.
• Brightness may be adjusted.
• Color Temperature Control
• Extended battery life.
• There is no Bluetooth connection available.

11. RM01 Portable Waterproof LED Light:


This LED fills light is designed to work with various action camera systems, including the DJI Action and smartphones. It is a tiny cube-shaped waterproof portable lighting set.
The light is dimmable, so you may adjust the brightness to suit your needs. There are four brightness settings to choose from 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. However, the color temperature is fixed. The color temperature is set at 5600K, which is daylight balanced.
The RM01 has the smallest battery capacity of all the LED action camera lights we’ve looked at. When the brightness level is set to maximum, the battery lasts around an hour at 800 mAh.
The light is made of PC+ABS components that are both heat and cold-resistant. It’s also resistant to scratches, waterproof, and dustproof. The light features a 1/4-inch screw hole that can be installed in various ways.
• PC+ABS materials provide excellent weatherproofing.
• Low battery capacity.
In summary, there are several action camera flashlights on the market. The price for action camera flashlights varies, so choose one that is both robust and meets your demands. We’ve evaluated the top 11 action camera flashlights and provided some fast suggestions.

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