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8 Best Outdoor Light With Outlet

8 Best Outdoor Light With Outlet:


Outdoor lighting must not only offer illumination but also be visually appealing. Typically, outdoor lighting can only fulfill these two functions. However, if you purchase an outdoor light with outlet, you may use it to power other devices.

These lights are an excellent way to improve the outside of your home or illuminate areas such as your porch, lawn, garage, or entrance. When outdoor lights have built-in outlets, they may be used to power additional decorative lighting sources.

Outdoor lights with outlets make outdoor lighting more convenient and less time-consuming. Some of the best outdoor light with outlets are listed below.


1. Zeyu Outdoor Light With Outlet:

  A farmhouse-style outdoor light fixture is uncommon. Fewer of them have a GFCI outlet via which you may also power other devices. The light we’re spotlighting now has both of these characteristics.   The farmhouse style means that it will complement any décor. It matches the décor, especially if you want to place it on the exterior of your business. Choosing an outdoor light fixture without first inspecting its structure is a mistake. This one is made of die-cast aluminum. In addition, it features a black finish, which adds to its visual appeal. Although the body is made of aluminum, its seeded glass contributes to its beauty and durability. When you mix the two, it’s simple to see why this lamp is rust-resistant and waterproof, which is why it will survive many years. Regarding outlets, it features two that can power separate circuits. It can provide a maximum current of 14.5 amps. It can also withstand weather factors, making it ideal for outdoor usage. When it comes to the bulk base, it is made of an E26 base, which is compatible with both LED and CFL bulbs. The reset button between the GFCI sockets assures that restarting the circuit will be simple. You may put it in the garage, patio, porch, or wherever else you desire. This light fixture is ideal for those seeking a modern light fixture.     Pros: • Provides two GFCI outlet • Aluminum die-cast construction • E26 base • Farmhouse style     Cons: • Limited instructions

2. Home Luminaire 31703 Spence 1 Light Outdoor Light With Outlet:

  The Home Luminaire 31703 Spence 1 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern is a sturdy lantern with contemporary accents. It is available in 3 colors: black, white, and graphite. It has two electrical outlets, which are convenient and helpful. It may be used to provide power to other patio lights and festive lights. It is simple to mount and set up. The lantern’s pebbled glass is charming and gives it an old-school appearance, and it lights places nicely and may be used as a night or decorative light. A minimum power supply of 60 W is required to power this light, and this lantern is compatible with LED bulbs.     Pros: • Aesthetically pleasing • Simple to set up • There are two power outlets. • Numerous applications • Solid construction     Cons: • The mounting bracket should be tighter.

3. Galeana Textured Black 12.5″ Outdoor Light With Outlet:

  This outdoor light with outlet is visually appealing due to its black finish and seeded glass. Aside from that, its metal casing makes it very sturdy. These qualities make it not only a standout light but also one that will endure for years. With this lamp, you won’t have to worry about aesthetic incompatibility.   It is compatible with any 60W bulb. There will be no compatibility difficulties with the bulb while shopping for a replacement. Its outlet is trustworthy and safeguards against short circuits, overcurrents, and other hazards. That way, even if you’re powering pricey devices with this outlet, you won’t have to worry.   The accompanying instructions are comprehensive, and you will get mounting hardware and installation instructions. As a result, there will be no doubt about how to set up or use this light.   Because it can withstand any weather, placing it outside is also not an issue. As a result, if you’re looking for a dependable outdoor light with outlet, this one checks all the boxes.     Pros: • Visually appealing design • Weather-resistant • Includes all mounting hardware • A single outlet is available. • Includes complete instructions     Cons: • Exposed to scratching

4. CLOUDY BAY Outdoor Light With Outlet:



Do you like Outlet management in your outdoor light fixture?


If so, this one includes a dusk-to-dawn detector, and it may turn itself ON once the sun goes down and off when the sun comes up. This feature is useful when selecting an outdoor light with outlet outside your home.


It has a bronze finish when it comes to design. The glass has been seeded, and these qualities significantly enhance the light’s appearance.


An 8W LED bulb powers the light. As a result of using less power, it gives extra light. The wet site rating assures that putting it outside will be simple, and the modern style guarantees that it blends well with the surroundings.



Looking at the housing, you will see it is made of aluminum, which undoubtedly boosts the light’s durability. E26 serves as the foundation. So, for replacing the bulb, you’ll have many alternatives. The available beam angle is 360°; another reason to choose it is that it can produce light in all directions.


Due to the protective coating, it will not rust or corrode. As a result, even if your area receives a lot of rain, this one will continue to function for years.

So, the GFCI Outlet, E26 base, and 360-degree beam angle are all included in the package. To that end, it’s a highly recommended buy.




• Stunning bronze finish

• E26 base

• Corrosion-resistant


• A beam angle of 360°

• It has a dark-to-dawn sensor.



• There is just one GFCI outlet.



5. Addington Park 31850 Grace Outdoor Light With Outlet:

  The Addington Park 31850 Outdoor Wall Sconce is a sturdy and long-lasting outdoor wall light with several applications. It is available in black and white finishes so that you may match it to the design of your home. This wall sconce is a must-have since it has two built-in GFCI outlets. These outlets may be utilized for additional power lights, eliminating the need for several extension cables. Its seeded glass gives the wall sconce a one-of-a-kind look. It is substantial, solid, and of great quality. With this outdoor light, you can quickly improve the outside of your property. It’s a decent size that’s both too large and too small. The bottom of the lamp is open, making it simple to replace the bulb.   Pros: • Sturdy • Solid construction • Two GFCI outlets • Aesthetic appearance • Appropriate size   Cons: • Installation is a bit tough.  

6. Hampton Bay 30264 Outdoor Light With Outlet:

 The Hampton Bay 30264 Outdoor Wall Sconce Lighting features a stylish design that makes it excellent for lighting and decoration. It is incredibly light and has a simple installation technique. To turn on the wall sconce, hit the GFCI reset button, which is situated next to the built-in GFCI outlet on the left. The outlet can handle up to 15 amps.
This wall sconce includes waterproof qualities that allow it to be used outside. If you like, you may even use this inside. The rectangular glass and black metal frame give it a highly industrial appearance. This wall sconce may be an excellent external power source for your porch. It enables the use of additional devices, such as security cameras and other lighting.
• Portable design
• External power supply
• Built-in weatherproof features
• Numerous applications
• Attractive appearance
• A little pricey

7. Sunbeam 16891 1-Light Outdoor Light With Outlet:

 It is a good option if you want an outdoor light system with a white finish. There are two GFCI outlets in total. Dual-device powering is feasible as a result of this. It safeguards your devices from short circuits, power surges, and other electrical issues. It is possible to power a device such as an electric pressure washer as well as decorative lights.
Looking at the lights above, you’ll see that most are made of seeded panels. If you’re searching for a light with transparent panels, this is the one to choose. The curved shape offers a classic appearance.
Wet site certification ensures it can withstand rain, sun, snow, and other elements. Installation is simple since all mounting gear is included. A reset button between the outlets enables you to reset it quickly.
An E26 indicates that several light sources are available and compatible with any 60W light source. Its white coating is corrosion-resistant and will keep its beauty for many years. Moreover, its compact shape and exquisite finish make it stand out.
• Elegant design
• Simple to set up
• Provides two GFCI outlets
• The finish is white.
• Compatible with any sixty-watt bulb
• Weather-resistant
• Finishing might be improved

8. Galeana Oil-Rubbed Bronze 12.5″ Outdoor Light With Outlet:

 Most of the outdoor lighting fixtures featured so far are constructed of metal. It is because metal housing can offer enough weather protection, and plastic, on the other hand, may provide comparable protection. As a result, the light we’re emphasizing now has a plastic casing. However, since it has an oil-rubbed bronze finish, it appears as lovely as any other light.

Seed glass guarantees that you may produce the proper amount of illumination and atmosphere when using this light.

It also has a hidden GFCI outlet. Only you can use it to power your devices, and its 60W bulb needs make it ideal for any light source. Aside from that, it comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware. You will also get instructions on how to utilize it.

It is very lightweight due to its plastic structure. That way, even if you wish to place it on drywall, you may do so as long as you follow basic fire safety procedures. This outdoor lighting fixture will not disappoint you in any manner.
• Extremely lightweight
• Can withstand any weather condition
• Includes mounting hardware
• Provides a single GFCI outlet
• A 60W bulb is required.
• Finishing might have been improved


 Many aspects were considered while picking the best outdoor light with outlet. Durability, cosmetic attractiveness, simplicity of installation, and utility are all factors. We’ve produced a list of the best 9 Best outdoor light with outlets to help you pick the perfect one for your house.

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