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7 Best Dirt Bike Light Bar

7 Best Dirt Bike Light Bar


Dirt bike racing is the kind of activity that makes you want to ride even when it’s dark outside. The main issue in such scenarios is the need for an appropriate lighting system.

You must consider purchasing an LED bar to minimize such difficulties. This kind of model is beneficial since it provides appropriate illumination. You will participate in the race without being distracted along the way.


With the emergence of modern technology, markets have seen an invasion of LED light bars. There are several models to consider. To ensure the quality of the models you buy, you must exercise extraordinary caution when buying such accessories.



We decided to spare you the trouble of researching and buying these models by compiling a list of the top light bars. We paid close attention to these products quality, originality, and durability. The racing experience is full of surprising highs and lows.

All essential riding event accessories must survive contact, remain waterproof, and perform flawlessly to light the path.


1. MICTUNING MIC-5DP30 Single Row Cree LED Dirt Bike Light Bar:


The Mictuning light is 8 inches long. This light measures 8.5 inches when mounted with the brackets and 7.5 inches when without, and I ts overall measurements are 8′′ x 3.1′′ x 1.6′′.


This light produces a total of 2700 lumens, making it very bright. It has a powerful light for a low-cost light bar. People may use them on trucks and other vehicles since they are bright enough.

This dirt bike light bar is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, all crucial attributes that will keep your light safe in any weather conditions you may encounter while riding.

It comes with two sets of stainless steel mounting brackets that enable two different types that are simple to install. To prevent overheating, its aluminum fan design enables heat to escape from the light.


2. Baja Designs 45-1003 OnX6 10-inch LED Light Bar:


The Baja Designs OnX6 is a 10-inch LED Light Bar that, as the name implies, produces amazing brightness and is also fairly strong.


This model’s power output is 63 watts. Most standard LED Lightbars currently only has 30 watts of power, which is half the amount of the Baja. This wattage will guarantee that your lengthy night rides are completely matched with superb illumination.

It distinguishes the Baja OnX6 LED Light Bar from other versions since it boasts a stunning 7,350 lumens. That being said, the light from this LED light bar is over 50% brighter than the original light.

That’s fantastic news since it means you’ll always be protected. Since this model clears the route with white light, no bumps or ditches will startle you.

This LED light bar is fantastic since it has replacement lenses and optics. Not only that, but the moisture block is accessible, which means that even if it rains, the light will stay powerful.



3. Rigidhorse LED Light Bar:


This dirt bike light bar delivers the right blend of spot and flood beam illumination to provide excellent vision while saving battery life, whether driving over rugged terrain or setting out for a trip in the dark. The metal casing is also quite sturdy and has stood up to rust admirably over my numerous excursions.

This light bar has high-quality LED chips that provide an astounding amount of light, and the IP67 waterproof designation eliminates the need for us to worry about rain or water damage. Overall, the Rigidhorse 7-Inch LED Light Bar is a great option for anyone searching for a reliable, durable off-road lighting solution.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an LED light bar to help you see in various settings, We suggest the Rigidhorse – it’ll make your off-road travels a lot more fun!


  • Extremely bright light with an output of 8000 lumens
  • IP67 waterproof certification for worry-free usage in all weather.
  • Aluminum housing is long-lasting and corrosion-resistant.
  • A 50,000-hour lifetime ensures long-term performance.


  • The mounting screws seem to be a touch fragile.

4. Baja Designs LED Light Bar:


We’ve been fascinated with Baja Designs items, and for a good reason: they are as nice as bike accessories get. We purchased their LED light bar and can certainly tell it was well worth the money.

Despite its high price, its quality is excellent and lives up to its promise. This dirt bike light bar is incredibly bright and sturdy, making it ideal for night riding. We’ve already pushed it through its paces, and it’s still strong. This gadget is also rather large – it’s 10 inches long, which is precisely the correct size for our needs.


Although if you are a casual rider, you may opt for something less expensive, we strongly suggest this product if you are serious about your riding. It is unquestionably worthwhile to invest.

This bar also incorporates Baja Design’s patented High-Speed Spot reflector. This light output is excellent and helped us a lot on night trips. If you’re ready to invest the money, this light bar will not disappoint.


  • High build quality
  • Reflector with a High-Speed Spot
  • Works with aftermarket mounting systems
  • The light is quite bright, and the production is astounding.
  •  It’s a perfect size and durable.


  • The bracket is a little high.

5. Nilight Spot Flood Combo Led Light Bar:


A low price is often too good to be true, but our experience with the Nilight NI06A-72W Led Light Bar was different. It is a fantastic LED light bar for the price. Its spot beam is very bright and illuminates a great distance, but the flood beam illuminates a vast area and is ideal for off-road driving.

We appreciate how the bracket is flexible, allowing you to put the light bar exactly where you need it.

We’re delighted with its quality and performance. Furthermore, its body is composed of die-cast aluminum alloy, and the light comes with a 2-year guarantee in case anything goes wrong.


Furthermore, being from one of the best manufacturers in the industry, Nilight, you know you’re receiving a high-quality product.


  • A low-cost alternative to a high-quality LED light bar
  • Wiring Harness Kit for Nilight LED Light Bar
  • Produces 3,600 lumens of light
  • Aluminum alloy die-cast housing
  • IP67 water resistance rating
  • Two-year warranty


  • Light glass is easily scratched.

6. CO LIGHT LED Work Light Bars 2PCS:


CO light LED works to light pods are the ideal option for inexpensive led off-road lights for dirt bikes. This set features a high lumen output and an aluminum alloy casting, so it does not heat up and operates for longer.

These light pods’ performance is impressive, and so are their mobility and durability. At such a low cost, this package includes dust proofing, water resistance, an aluminum protective cover, and corrosion resistance.

The 3-year guarantee that comes with it and the ease of installation and removal makes it suitable for all types of bikes or trucks.




  • Excellent light output and efficiency
  • Increased visibility due to a larger lightning area
  • Can be used with any vehicle for off-road lighting.
  • Mounting brackets that can be adjusted
  • Heat dissipation fan made of aluminum
  • Waterproof and dustproof construction
  • Low-cost alternative


  • The brightness of the lights may decrease after some time of usage.
  • The mounting brackets are inadequate.

7. Penetrator LED 630 Series Dirt Bike Headlight Kit:

This dirt bike light bar is 8 inches long, and people have commented that the Penetrator is the finest of the 8″ lights they’ve tried.

This light has a wattage of 30, equating to 100 lumens per watt. Even on the longest off-roading journeys, the light remains brilliant. This light has never failed to survive the 24-hour journey across Starvation Ridge.

This LED light has a total lumen output of 3000. The combination beam on the pattern of this light is 225 at the ends and 410 in the middle.

The Penetrator LED 630 is constructed from 6061 aluminum. It features a polycarbonate lens powered by the bike or battery packs through direct current. Because LED lights use less power, this light will not deplete your bike’s battery. The light is also electrically thermally controlled.


Finally, light bars may be targeted to give a concentrated beam of light, which is helpful while riding in tight and tricky terrain. So, which lighting system is the best fit for you? It is reliant on your particular tastes and riding style. Without dirt bike light bars, a biker’s life would be incomplete.


Suppose you want the strongest light output and the largest field of vision. An LED light bar is the way to go if you want a more economical and simple installation solution. To guarantee the best performance and longevity, whichever system you pick, invest in a quality product from a respected manufacturer.

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