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9 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

9 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulbs:


As technology improves, you will discover that you may enhance your lighting system using the most recent and innovative technologies. When outdoor motion sensor light bulbs detect movement, they illuminate automatically.

Such technology removes the need to turn on the lights physically. The bulbs indicate a simple technology that optimizes efficiency in which sensors detect movements and activate the lights.

When the sensors detect motion, the lights glow briefly before turning off, reducing power use. These bulbs warn you because the lights indicate, forcing you to look for intruders and boosting your security.

Depending on your requirements, acquiring such light bulbs provides a feeling of security. You must pick the most appropriate one at the time of buying. To assist you, below are the Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulbs on the market today.


1. Aukora Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulb:


It is a handy 12W bulb that can detect motion in any weather and turn it on automatically. On the other hand, a light bulb like this is more suited for indoor usage, and it may be used outside as long as the temperature stays between 14°F (-10°C) and 95°F (35°C).

It has a luminance of 1000lm, which is relatively bright in the context of light bulbs. In terms of motion-sensing capabilities, this outdoor motion sensor light bulb employs the PIR infrared sensor to detect movement.

It can detect motion even in complete darkness at a range of up to 8-10 feet. However, you can suspend it up to 10 feet vertically above the ground, and it would still detect motion.

One advantage of this light bulb is that it does not turn on during the day, saving energy. It won’t use much power, but it’s reassuring that the maker has designed an energy-saving solution. This bulb is available on Amazon in a set of two.



  • Infrared sensor PIR
  • Motion detection radius of 8-10 feet
  • Automatic shut-off after 60 seconds
  • Variable detection angle
  • Broad variety of applications



  • It does not last long.



2. Boxlood Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulb:


With its range distance, the motion sensor light bulb helps detect the waves caused by human, animal, or automobile movement. It lights up automatically and remains lit for 30 seconds until the movement continues. As a result, energy and time are saved. It also has a built-in photocell sensor that guarantees it shuts off at dawn.

The bulb has a 1000-lumen output, which offers highly bright but safe light while conserving energy. It has various uses, including security and safety along sidewalks, garage doors, and fence gates, among other locations. The motion detector has a detection range of up to 20 feet, and its placement during installation must face outdoors for optimal performance.



  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Lights up for 30 seconds when motion is detected.
  • Numerous application areas
  • The 1000 lumens make it very bright.
  • Detects motion up to a range of 20 feet.


  • None


3. Elrigs Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulb:


A radar sensor included in the design of this bulb activates it whenever motion is detected, no matter how little, within a range of 6–26 feet. Furthermore, when the detection range is extended, it can detect movement through grass, stud walls, and wood.

Furthermore, you may calculate and manage how long the bulb will remain on; unlike other lights, it allows you to make modifications. Light sensitivity may be adjusted based on the coverage and severity of the darkness. It is great for hallways, walkways, porches, garages, restrooms, balconies, staircase offices, etc.



  • Adjustable extensive coverage of up to 26 feet range.
  • The bulb includes an adjustable twilight threshold to control illumination between day and night.
  • Comes with a timer that can be set after motion detection.
  • Constructed with an energy-saving design



  • Some consumers have issues with its motion sensor.

4. LOHAS Sensor Light LED Bulb:


The LOHAS motion sensor bulb provides exceptional performance since it has an integrated motion sensor that turns off automatically throughout the day. The bulb employs an automated shutdown on/off, eliminating the need for you to turn it on/off directly.

Furthermore, it is an energy-saving bulb that utilizes 6W electricity from dark to dawn, equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, conserving power by up to 85% and lowering your utility expenses.

Furthermore, the lamp produces up to 5000k lumens, allowing for continuous light anytime motion is detected. It is compatible with the E62 medium screw base, allowing you to mount it anywhere. It is a versatile bulb that can be used as an ordinary bulb for illuminating your space since it has a multipurpose design and a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.


  • Built-in motion sensor
  • On/off the automatic cutoff
  • Energy-saving light bulb
  • Uses 6W electricity from twilight until morning.
  • Produces up to 5000k lumens
  • Works with the E62 medium screw base.
  • Multifunctional design with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.


  • None

5. Signstek PIR Infrared Sensor Motion Detector Light Bulb:


You like the darkness of the nights, but you dislike having to look for the switch to turn on the final light. You may now have greater control over when your lights turn on and off with the Signstek PIR Infrared Sensor Motion Detector LED Light Bulb.

We guarantee that your purchase of a Signstek PIR Infrared Sensor Motion Detector LED Light Bulb will be excellent. Features include a long lifespan, great luminous efficiency, and a combination of metal and plastic construction.

After the infrared detection or sound ends, the light will remain on for roughly 30-60 seconds. Therefore, this item is suitable for use in various settings, workplaces, nightclubs, bars, trade shows, etc.

If you want to utilize this light bulb as a motion detector, remember that it can only pick up motion if there are changes in infrared or sound waves within its range.


  • It has an infrared sensor and a motion detector.
  • Exceptionally long-lasting
  • Simple to install


  • The quality could be better.

6. Banord 12W outdoor motion sensor Light Bulb:



In terms of light bulbs, the majority have the same wattage or capacity. This one, too, uses 12W of electricity, which is reasonable. This light bulb has a brightness of up to 1000lm, comparable to most lights in this price range.

It can turn on at 15 Lux and switch off if the lighting exceeds 30 Lux, allowing you to conserve energy while it’s bright outdoors. It fits into a normal E26 slot and requires no extra wiring, it means it’s ready to use when it arrives at your door.

Unless there is movement in the bulb’s range of vision, the light will be switched off after 30 seconds if motion is detected. The firm suggests pointing this bulb downwards, with no covering or cases on top, since this might interfere with its motion-sensing features.

Like many others in this category, its light bulb has a PIR infrared sensor to offer motion detection functions. This lamp, however, does not have dimming capabilities. This bulb is presently available from Amazon in a bundle of two.


  • Auto ON OFF
  • Light From Dusk To Dawn
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Easy To Set Up



  • Customers claim it did not react to their motion.

7. Govee Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulb:



The PIR infrared sensor in the motion sensor light bulb activates the light when it senses motion between 16.4 and 26.3 feet away. It turns off automatically after 30 seconds of no movement or motion inside the scope, saving you time by not requiring you to control it manually.

The energy-efficient light bulb contains a photocell sensor that turns it on when darkness falls and off throughout the day, allowing it to detect activity while still conserving power. It has a brightness of 1200lm and is helpful in the house. The bulb is simple to install in the standard E26/E27 base for immediate usage. It may also be used in various settings, such as garages and corridors.


  • Broad variety of applications
  • Detects motion in a 16.4 – 26.3ft range.
  • Turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Includes an automated photocell.
  • 1200lm luminance
  • Fits into a regular E26/E27 base



  • Not suitable for Apple users.

8. Sengled A19 Motion Sensor Light Bulb:


Because of the high sensitivity measures built into the design of this bulb, it turns on at the first hint of motion and stays on for more than a minute after that. The lamp contains built-in motion sensors that detect movements within 30 feet and instantly light, eliminating the need to reach for the wall switches.

Furthermore, it is simple to install and utilize. Because it is compatible, you can quickly change your compound or indoor fixtures with this motion sensor light bulb without paying additional fees like wiring, hardware, etc. It is also incredibly robust, with a long-lasting LED bulb that may last up to 25 000 hours while using very little power.



  • Turns on automatically when motion is detected.
  • Created with sensitivity and wide-angle detection in mind to keep track of any movement
  • It allows hands-free lighting for automated lighting without the need for wall switches.
  • Turns off after 90 seconds.


  • None


9. JackonLux Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulb:



Installing JackonLux is the best solution to consider if you want to boost the security of your business. The motion sensor light bulb is equipped with cutting-edge Intelligent Radar and Light Sensor technology, allowing it to detect movement and turn on/off appropriately in low-light environments.

The light shuts off throughout the day, eliminating the need for manual switching off and conserving energy.

The radar sensor has a detection range of 16 to 32 feet, making it convenient. Furthermore, radar waves can penetrate glass and walls, boosting the efficacy of motion detection. As a motion sensor bulb, it may save you up to 90% of your electricity cost while providing up to 800 lumens of light (60W).


  • Intelligent Radar and Light Sensor Technology
  • Recognize animal and human movement
  • Break through glass and walls
  • Detection range of 16 to 32 feet
  • Greater longevity (30,000 hours)
  • Produces up to 800lm.


  • During a power outage, it does not turn on automatically.


 There will be no more searching for the light switch every time you sense motion because outdoor motion sensor light bulbs automatically turn on when they detect motion. Outdoor Motion sensor light bulbs are programmed to do this for you.
It has helped to reduce electricity costs since there is no need for lights to be on for lengthy periods or throughout the night. These outdoor motion sensor light bulbs give quick lighting whenever there is activity inside your complex or home.

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