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9 Best Outdoor Table Lights

9 Best Outdoor Table Lights:

The phone flashlight is always handy when you want to spend some time outside after nightfall. However, if you sit on your patio, gazebo, or pergola and enjoy the fresh air, read a book, eat supper, or even host a party, you’ll need stronger lighting. Solar outdoor table lights come in a variety of designs and sizes. Because we’re talking about the outdoors, solar lighting is always an excellent choice. These will allow you to light up the space without increasing energy expenditure. This article looks at the many options for solar outdoor table lights. You can discover some of the best options in this category listed below.  

1. Esgarden Solar Light:


The Moroccan design of this light creates lovely patterns all around it. This solar table lamp is composed of metal and has a bronze finish. The Esgarden light is available as a tabletop or hanging light.

If charged for 6-8 hours in direct sunshine, the lightweight lamp will provide a gentle, pleasant illumination all night. Its auto on/off function is excellent for automatically lighting up your patio at night and switching off on its own at sunrise.

This light has an IPX4 waterproof rating, making it suitable for inclement weather. As a result, it is protected against corrosion and water splashes from every direction. A Ni-MH battery is also included in this bundle.

2. TomCare Solar Lights:




The TomCare outdoor table light is well-known for its flickering flame design, which mimics a genuine flame. When completely charged, this solar light can provide the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor environment all night long. This solar lamp, unlike most others, does not need direct sunlight and can also charge in the daytime.

Once again, this solar light has exceptional IP65 waterproof certifications. It is more resistant to adverse weather conditions, including rain and snow. Auto on/off is a valuable function. The lamp’s design allows it to function as both a hanging lantern and a table light.

This solar light has a rustproof aluminum body and polyplastic sides that mimic glass. The golden polish and vintage style adds to its allure. This outdoor light is both lightweight and portable, making it ideal for use year after year.


3. HDNICEZM Garden Solar Table Light:



This one-of-a-kind solar table light has an attractive design that makes it a décor item in its own right. The crackle glass and stainless steel light are flame-shaped.


The auto on/off function is a convenient addition that ensures your patio is constantly illuminated. This light can offer lighting for 6-8 hours when completely charged.

This solar lamp’s installation is straightforward. Screw the top and bottom halves together. Screws are included in the box. Set the switch in the “On” position and leave it there. When natural light is insufficient, the light will turn on.


4. LETRY Outdoor Table Lamp:


Letry’s trendy solar table lamp has an industrial design that will give style to your patio or garden. Like most of those featured here, this solar light features an adjustable brightness option (35 lumens, 140 lumens, and 330 lumens). It may also be used as a hanging lantern.

This solar lamp’s alternate USB charging connector is one of its most notable features. It may be helpful on less sunny days, while it can make maximum use of the sun when it is shining brightly. It features four Li-ion batteries to hold enough power.


It can store enough power to offer light in the dimmest setting for 60-70 hours if charged for 8-12 hours. This solar-powered table light has an IP44 waterproof certification since it is intended for use in outdoor areas.

This lamp is constructed from PC/ABS, making it sturdy, rustproof, and easy to transport. The manufacturer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 24-month warranty, and lifetime after-sales assistance.


5. Pearlstar Solar Lantern:


These adorable lantern-style lights come in a set of two. You may use them as tabletop lights or as hanging lights. Pearlstar solar lanterns are intended to be attractive lights that provide a mellow glow. The light is insufficient to brighten your outside area.

These solar lights have a built-in dawn/dusk sensor that turns on and off automatically when the sun rises and sets. Because the lantern is powered by solar energy, it may be maintained anywhere once completely charged. It equates to 6-8 hours of direct sunshine.


The lantern has an IP44 waterproof rating and is designed for outdoor usage. It can withstand rain, snow, and water splashes without being harmed and is also dustproof.

These bronze-finished solar outdoor table lights are composed of ABS plastic. Pearlstar lanterns are also available in larger (8.3″) models that provide more lighting.


6. LUTEC Solar Table Cube Light: 


This waterproof solar table light from Lutec comes in three brightness levels: 10 lumens, 40 lumens, and 100 lumens. Once completely charged, this attractive solar desk light may be used inside.


This solar table lamp is composed of acrylic, which makes it long-lasting, lightweight, and portable. It has a 1200mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery that provides power throughout the night. But you can always swap out the battery if you can’t charge it through sunshine.

Lutec solar lights are intended to be waterproof and dustproof, so they may be used outside. To assure complete client satisfaction, the business provides a 25-month warranty.


7. Mosaic Solar Lanterns:


This lovely hanging lantern serves as a decorative object and a light source. It is a fusion of art and technology made from hand-blown glass. The blue and yellow glass illuminated at night creates stunning mosaic patterns.

This handcrafted lamp is solar-powered to make use of the available light. When completely charged, this light will survive for 8 hours or more in a dim environment. The solar light is weatherproof to IP44 standards, which means it can resist heavy rain and snow without harm.


The mosaic solar light will look fantastic in your outside environment. It will act as decoration during the day and as much-needed lighting at night.


8. Shumi Solar Table Lamp:



This simple and attractive solar table lamp has three lighting modes: gentle warm, warm, and warm white. By pulling the chain supplied, you may adjust the illumination modes and brightness settings.

Because it is fueled by solar energy, the light is cordless and portable. To get the most out of this lamp, charge it in direct sunshine for 8 hours. It may also be utilized for interior illumination if necessary.

This light has an IP44 waterproof rating, implying that it may be used securely outside. In addition to spraying or low-velocity water spray, it can endure rain. This outdoor light is also designed to survive severe weather conditions such as snow and hail.


9. Color-Changing Ceramic Solar Table Lamp: 


This ceramic solar table lamp is ideal as a centerpiece and light source. As light passes through the leaf-shaped openings on the sides of this lamp, it casts leaf forms on the surrounding environment.

This light is simple to charge and put where it can soak up some rays. When completely charged, it can operate for 6-8 hours. The lamp has a white and color-changing light setting that can be toggled with a switch.

There is no need for wiring or installation since this light is powered by solar cells. This lamp is resilient and long-lasting since ceramic is naturally resistant to dampness, rusting, and other forms of erosion. The IP44 waterproof rating is just one more bonus of this table light.


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