Lightning Mcqueen Crocs Lights

Light up your Lightning Mcqueen Crocs with these headlights, which help boost your visibility at night; they are great for running, hiking, cycling, and walking dogs.

They are ultra-bright. Install these Tiny Lights on your McQueen crocs to boost your night visibility.

Headlights For Crocs Classic Clog

These tiny McQueen Croc lights are lightweight and portable. They are climate adaptable and can sustain usage in any weather, whether wet, hot, snowy, or cold.

It doesn’t fall off when installed on your lightning McQueen crocs. They are brighter than your cell phone flashlight and can continually illuminate the road for 10 meters.

Crocs Lightning McQueen Footlight 

These McQueen Croc headlights help increase your visibility at night. Suitable for outdoor activities, including; Hiking, Running, Cycling.

Crocs Classic Clog  Headlights

The classic clog lights come with 3 flash modes that continuously illuminate the road. Perfect for Walking dogs and pets at night.

Flashlight For Crocs

My McQueen Clog Lights

Decorate your lighting McQueen crocs while boosting your night visibility.  Beautiful Charms for Kids, Men Women.

⛈️【Water Proof】

💡【Safety in The Dark】

🔋【Pre-Installed Batteries】

🐕【For Walking Dogs or Pet】

🌞【Brighter Than Smartphone】

footlight for crocs

Hilarious McQueen Crocs Camping Lights

It is hilarious and pretty cool having these lights on your lighting McQueen crocs. 

My Croc Lights for men and women, kids


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3 Light Modes

Easily toggle the light settings to "constant light," "fast frequency flashing," and "slow frequency flashing."

 The rapid flashing mode can be activated as a distress signal

It can serve as a warning signal in slow flash mode to keep pedestrians safe, making this lightning McQueen croc headlight a very efficient choice.

👍Will last longer

👍Adjustable for all shoes

👍Have different light modes

👍Made of good quality material

3 light modes for croc lights for shoes

Anti-Scratch Resistance

You'll be amazed at how they work on lighting McQueen Crocs, decorating your shoes, and enhancing travel safety.

These lights are highly scratch and damage-resistant. It comes in multiple colors; black, silver, gold, red, and blue. Your Croc classic clog can be accessorized with blinkers in various colors without sacrificing style.

  it may be used year-round, regardless of whether it is hot, cold, or sunny outside. 

multiple croc headlights shoes

McQueen Lights Works In Wet Environments.

Its IPX5 waterproof /rain resistance aluminum alloy shell keeps the McQueen croclights safe and ensures they work well in wet environments.

croc headlights water proof
easy installation of croc lights

How To Install Croc Lights

  1. Turn the croc headlights anti-clockwise to Unscrew the head
  2. Remove the insulation pad between the two batteries
  3. Make sure the batteries are kept in positive and negative directions
  4. Tighten up properly to avoid loose contact
  5. If the battery runs out, replace the battery