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Olight Flashlight Review

Olight Flashlight Review

Olight is a high-quality lighting gear manufacturer. Outdoor lovers, athletes, veterans, DIYers, and the everyman all find something to love in this brand. It is the mission of the Olight team to ensure that no one is without a flashlight since they believe that no one should have to live in the dark. Olight has over 167k Instagram followers and over 290k Facebook followers, indicating that these lighting solutions are popular throughout the globe! This Olight flashlight review will go deep into the brand and its products. This study will also include customer reviews and other factors to help you determine if their items are worth purchasing.  

Overview Of Olight Flashlight:

Olight Flashlight was founded in 2006. After its success in Europe’s outdoor and flashlight enthusiast industries, Olight switched its focus to the tactical market and started producing products to fulfill the demands of law enforcement and government organizations.

The objective for the brand is to continue creating unique and cutting-edge goods while keeping Olight a global leader in the illumination tool industry.

The Olight Flashlights are made in China. On the other hand, the company believes in giving back to the community and has collaborated with several philanthropic groups.

For example, in 2020, Olight gave approximately $1,375,400 to 11 nations throughout the globe to assist during the deadliest days of Covid-19. Moreover, all revenues from the brand’s Breast Cancer Charity sale were given to breast cancer organizations.

This year, Olight donated 4,513 flashlights to snow-covered communities in Texas. In addition, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Olight hosted online charity sales in 15 different countries, generating a total of $167,205 for international breast cancer prevention and treatment programs.


In the next portion of our Olight Flashlight review, we’ll examine some of the product’s features.


Olight Flashlight Bestsellers:

1. Olight S1 Baton:

Nothing beats a little flashlight that can provide excellent illumination. Small portable flashlights are sometimes underestimated, yet they are just the consequence of squeezing a regular flashlight’s functionality into a considerably smaller compartment.

So, they are strong and long-lasting while taking up a fraction of the size of a traditional flashlight.

According to the firm, the S1 Baton is the tiniest flashlight that Olight offers. It’s barely 2.4 inches long and weighs 1.06 ounces. Its finest feature is that this flashlight produces 500 lumens.


This capacity is often seen in larger flashlights, but the S1 Baton achieves it despite its compact and lightweight size. The S1 Baton is the best option for a tiny flashlight in your survival pack or something lightweight to bring on your camping trip.

It has a limited amount of positive feedback. On its maximum setting, this flashlight can illuminate an entire football field. The flashlight also offers less light output than 500 lumens to save battery power while doing daily duties.

The lowest brightness is 0.5 lumens, often known as Moonlight Mode. There are additional 8 lumens and 80 lumens modes, which are good for carrying out routine tasks. In addition, a strobe light is available.

In the United States, the S1 Baton also comes with a complete 5-year warranty. It implies that no matter where you purchase the flashlight, it may be serviced at any nationwide location.



2. Olight Arkfeld:


The Olgiht Arkfeld is a one-of-a-kind flashlight that combines a flashlight’s standard output of 1000 lumens with a green laser. All of this is housed in a very stylish rectangular body.

Its rectangular body is produced from a unique one-piece molding method, which makes the light very attractive, with no junctions or interruptions. Its unusual design also makes the Olight Arkfeld more durable and dependable.

The Olight Arkfeld is available in various body colors, including black, orange, dark green, brown, and blue.

It’s designed to be your trustworthy flashlight for business travels or presentations, and it’s durable, strong, and looks fantastic as an addition to your Business. The Green laser is visible and brilliant, enabling you to provide superior presentations. The pocket clip helps you to attach and conceal the arkfeld within your bag or suit.


The light has five brightness settings: moon (1 Lumen), low (15 Lumens), medium (60 Lumens), high (300 Lumens), and turbo (1000 lumens).

With a weight of just 87 grams and a pocket dimension of 110x25x15 mm, you won’t even have to worry about replacing the batteries; a USB charging cord can be charged before your presentations or in the car while you drive on your work trip. Knowing how much power you have left is never a mystery, thanks to the four-level LED battery indicator.

The Olight Arkfeld has a unique rotatory switch for changing the output and mode and an electrical lockout to prevent accidental activation.

The Arkfeld’s distinctive molded body conducts heat better than a standard flashlight. Its smart thermal management reduces light output depending on the interior temperature to protect its electronics.

Olight S2 Baton:



If you want a small flashlight that produces excellent lighting and costs less than $50, you can count on Olight to provide it.

Suppose the S1 Baton was small and could generate up to 500 lumens. In that case, the S2 Baton is larger and can produce up to 950 lumens.

Yes, you read it correctly. The S2 is just approximately 4 inches long but has enormous lighting capabilities. It would be fantastic for everyone on Rick’s crew in The Walking Dead Because it makes it much simpler to spot Walkers at night!

It means you may safely use this flashlight for daily tasks and navigating in the dark when camping or trekking in the wilderness. The S2 can light a large area due to its maximum beam range of 140 meters. However, unlike the S1 Baton, the S2 has various more features that make using this flashlight a pleasure.

The S2 has six settings, the brightest of which is 950 lumens, followed by 400 lumens, 80 lumens, and 10 lumens. Two unique settings are available: Moonlight Mode (with a brightness of just 0.5 lumens) and strobe mode. The S2 Baton may be used for many applications due to its multiple modes. And that’s not all.


The Cree XM-L2 LED inside the flashlight has a 22-degree emission angle and a 90 percent transparency ratio. Its PMMA TIR lens is intended to provide a uniform spotlight. The turbo mode stays active for two minutes before decreasing by half in one minute.

A built-in timer lets you configure the light to stay on for three or nine minutes before turning it off automatically. All of this is available for $50.

Are Olight Flashlights Worth It?


So, what’s the conclusion of this Olight flashlight review? After reviewing the items and user feedback, we believe these flashlights are well worth the buy. The company creates cutting-edge lighting technology that may be utilized for various applications.

Whether you’re camping for the weekend or heading to your vehicle late at night, Olight flashlights have you covered. The fact that thousands of happy customers rave about Olight goods is comforting.


Even if you get a defective flashlight, Olight customer support will go above and beyond to assist you. So don’t worry. Never be frightened of the dark again, and let Olight products’ powerful light enlighten your environment.


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